About Us

Cullen Metcalfe & Co Ltd was established in 1968.

The founder, John Metcalfe’s core values of prompt service and attention to detail remain as important today as 50 years ago.

This third generation family run company understands the specific requirements of the marine industry. We support the ship suppliers
and chandlers throughout the world by providing quality and competitively priced products that their customers demand.  Our head office
is in England and we have a product presence in most major ports world-wide.

Cullen Metcalfe is an active member of IMPA, ISSA, the British Association of Ship Suppliers and the Singapore Association of Ship Suppliers.

The Ship Suppliers’ Supplier!

Our core product is DRY CARGO hatch sealing tape. DRY CARGO tape was developed in association with our London based manufacturing
partner in 1970.  It is constantly upgraded to ensure we continue to supply a quality hatch tape.  Through extensive operational use, DRY CARGO
has been shown to be reliable and totally fit for purpose. Ship suppliers can offer this competitively priced tape with confidence. Stocks are
available from production in London and through distributors in most major ports world-wide.

Our product range also includes petrolatum corrosion protection tape, DRIZIT absorbents and anti-pollution products and SYLGLAS non-slip tapes.

In association with PTR Holland we offer MED approved Pilot Ladders, gangway/cargo nets and a range of deck and engine items.

On behalf of Sump and Stammer GmbH International Food Supply based in Hamburg, Cullen Metcalfe & Co Ltd’s procurement department
source a wide range of dry, canned and frozen food products from manufacturers across the Asia-Pacific region.  In association with
Sump & Stammer GmbH International Food Supply, Cullen Metcalfe & Co Ltd provides a comprehensive range of food stock to the
maritime food service industry.