Culmet Services Pte Ltd
and Sump & Stammer Asia
marine hardware and provision supplies to shipchandlers.

West to East – East to West

West to East….

Sump & Stammer Asia is the regional commercial office of Sump & Stammer GmbH International Food Supply in Hamburg. A comprehensive range of dry, chilled and frozen food and beverage goods are dispatched from stock in multi-product container shipments to ship suppliers and other catering service customers in Asia.

East to West….

Sump & Stammer Asia’s procurement department source a broadly based range of dry, canned and frozen food products from manufacturers across the Asia-Pacific region. Purchases are shipped to Sump & Stammer’s supply hub in Hamburg but also directly to major shipsuppliers.

Culmet Services Pte Ltd is similarly busy with marine hardware sourcing from Asian factories for our own stocks and on behalf of clients in Europe. Quality management is an important aspect of Asian sourcing – we are based in the region and highly experienced in this most important purchasing function

Food Products from Asia

Fcl shipments through Sump & Stammer Asia at our office in Singapore

Asian & Soy Sauces
Canned Fruit and Vegetables including:
Pears, Peaches, Apricots, Pineapple,
Mixed Fruit Cocktail, Orange Segments,
Whole Tomato, Sweet Corn, Mushrooms
Coconut Milk & Cream
Instant Noodles

Frozen Fruit and Vegetables including:
Strawberries, Cauliflower, Broccoli,
Asparagus, Mixed Vegetables, etc
Rice: White Long-Grain, Parboiled,
Jasmine, Calrose & Basmati
Tea Bags
Tomato Paste

Sump & Stammer Asia
Tel (65) 6766 1851; Fax (65) 6764 7540;